About Exy-Fable

Exy-Fable Mars (xe/xem/xyr) studied in London, England, and also holds a B.A. degree in Creative Writing from the University of North Texas. Xe uses a trauma-informed and functional movement approach to create an encouraging, inclusive, safe, and motivating environment. Exy-Fable crafts workout programs specific to an individual’s goals combined with their body’s movement patterns. This helps to repair imbalances, prevent injuries, and diminish pain points while gaining strength and enhancing mobility. Exy-Fable has worked with triathletes, marathoners, everyday athletes, seniors, and many others looking to move better, gain strength, and improve or eliminate their pain points. All of this knowledge fuels xe’s passion to create a safe space for all to improve their quality of life regardless of fitness level, gender, or body type.



  • NASM certified
  • AED/CPR certified
  • Functional Movement Certified
  • Movnat Certified
  • Senior Fitness Including:
    • Pre/Post Knee Replacement
    • Pre/Post Hip Replacement
    • Older Shoulder Prehab
    • Senior Boot Camp