Testimonials - Every Minute Stronger

  • Bree is the third personal trainer I’ve worked with. Although the first two trainers were fantastic, I kind of felt like our time together came to an end because I wasn’t losing weight anymore. In a sense, I felt like they had given up on me after not seeing results. When I started training with Bree, I told her I needed someone who wasn’t going to give up on me, even if I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as expected (it’s for some reason incredibly challenging for me to lose a measly five pounds). Over the past year, Bree has stuck by my side and has encouraged me through all of my ups and downs. She never makes me feel like I’m not working hard enough, but supports me through my diet fails, and challenges me to get better, work harder, and eat better everyday. I feel like she understands me, yet doesn’t let me slack off. She is a real human person with real human diet/exercise struggles, just like the rest of us, which makes her a great, personable trainer!

    Chelsea Ellis
  • After the first 30 minute training session I was hooked. I could tell right away that Bree knew what she was doing. She constantly motivated me to push through that last rep or run the last few steps. She pays great attention to what you need personally and builds the workout around that. Working with Bree, I was able to power through Tough Mudder. This even was not as bad as I thought it was going to be and I feel that it is because of the training I went through.

    Perry L. King Jr.
  • I trained under Bree two times a week while I was getting back into better health. I’d go before work, and she’d give me a session that even though was a good version of tiring, it mentally energized me for my tutoring lessons to follow. She allowed me take breaks as needed but still pushed me, so I could improve. I was able to do Spiderman planks by the time we finished working together. It was a huuuuge improvement for me. Her training kick started my exercising rhythm, and I’ve not looked back. I will never return to my before ever again if I can help it.

    Emily Bartkowiak
  • I had a lot of hip pain and discomfort before I started training with Bree Turner. Now I am 6+ months down the road pain free and back to doing the things I love! Thanks!!

    Patrick Blossom
  • Bree is a fantastic trainer who took time to understand my training history and designed a training plan and diet just for me. She always comes up with new exercises tailored to my needs. This makes our sessions a constant surprise. She is also very knowledgeable of the human body & biology, which is the base of her training routines. I attend her awesome boot camp and I train with her in individual sessions once or twice a week. Thanks to her, I have so much more energy than I did before, and I do feel much stronger.

    Ghislaine Deschanel