Corporate Training

Note: Due to COVID-19, in-person training is no longer offered. However, Corporate Training is still available via Zoom/Hangouts/preferred digital meeting platform

Break the corporate mold with a fun and unique set of bootcamp style workouts straight to your office. Alleviate pain, prevent injury, and crush workouts with an encouraging and judgement-free trainer.

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Exy-Fable’s no ordinary trainer and these workouts won’t get you ordinary results. These workouts are designed with functional movement in mind. Injury-prevention and pain-management are combined with sweat-inducing, fun workouts. Stiffness and pain in hips, wrists, upper and lower back can be associated with long days of sitting in the office. Healthy employees can lead to less doctor’s visits, less time off, a happier outlook, and more productivity. Get the best, strongest, healthiest people you can. Book for corporate training today. Message Exy-Fable for more details.