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Stability ball workouts


By Exy Elliott Fable Mars

Today I decided to play with instability. I used the bosu balls and wobble boards to work way more muscles than I would with just just one exercise (like, the bicep curl). I challenged the hell out of my core and it was excellent. I recommend trying out some of these moves if you’d like something new in your routine.

This Bosu Ball Bicep Curl works my legs + core + biceps. Leg day was yesterday, so ignore the ridiculous shaking in this my legs.

The goal on this was to keep the wobble board from, well, wobbling. It’s a bit like yoga where your ankle and foot is losing it’s mind with tiny movements the entire time.

Why do tricep extensions lying on a bench when you can also work your glutes + hamstrings & core? GOOD QUESTION.


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