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Want to Squat Deeper and Run Farther?


By leroy

It’s all about that ankle mobility.

Girl (Bruh), I know you have tight calves, don’t even try to play with me on that. You squat, you run, you stand all day, hell, maybe you even play badminton, those Gastroc’s are hella tight. Do you roll? Do you stretch? I didn’t think so. All they want to do is work for you!

So, how do you get deeper, faster, more bad ass? First, you need to foam roll. Do you? Show of hands (seriously, I want some emails), who here foam rolls? Do you know how? (If you don’t, please email me and I’ll make some more videos on this). For now, I am going to show you how to do those calves!

Foam Roll!

After a good foam rolling sess, you move on to ankle mobility. You do that like so:

Try these before your workouts and you will definitely notice a difference!


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