Health For All of Y'all

Health: One Step At A Time


By Exy Elliott Fable Mars

I’m here to talk about the “all-or-nothing” approach. I am definitely no stranger to this. You know how it goes – you go to the gym one time and suddenly you have this plan: wake up early! gym! eat right! water! going five days a week! no drinking!

But that’s seriously not sustainable. You have all these glorious plans but what happens when you miss one day or eat out of line? It all comes crashing down, doesn’t it? It’s like when you eat ten cookies so might as well just eat the whole bag!

Obviously, this isn’t a great approach and I have some pointers. So, whatever your issue is just reduce it a little each week. Let’s say you eat a pint of ice cream every night. What do you do? Cut out the ice cream entirely? No. First, start by eating half a pint every night and then gradually lower it over time.

Same goes with working out. Have you been on the couch for the past ten years? Okay: start walking a few times a week. Try for once a week! Then add on from there. Same thing for the gym or drinking water: any of your goals. Just go slow!

Give yourself SUPER attainable goals. Something you absolutely know you can do and once you start doing them you will feel awesome! Give yourself a gold star. Seriously though, just hitting those tiny goals will make you feel better and you can gradually add on and before you know it you will have reached what you set out to. And it will be beautiful.


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