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The Truth About Breakfast


By Exy Elliott Fable Mars

Let’s talk about breakfast foods. Usually, it’s just a quick grab of what you can, right? Cereal, toast, coffee, a bagel. The problem with all of these is that they are full of carbs and sugar that will crash your energy levels, focus, and even workouts.

None of these are necessarily “bad” on their own, they just need some modifications. Or, you can make quick and easy nutrient dense breakfasts to help keep you energised and crushing your workouts. 

Here are some modifications for the typical breakfast:

-low sugar cereal, mix with protein powder
-low sugar cereal with Greek yogurt
-toast with egg, avocado and arugula
-toast with almond butter, hard boiled egg on the side
-coffee with vital proteins collagen protein creamer
-coffee with less sugar (but also eat something!)

Now, if you really want some quick/easy and nutrient packed breakfasts then I’ve got that for you as well. They look more like this:

-overnight oats with chia, Greek yogurt and berries
-oats you make day of, stir in egg whites at the end
-overnight oats with protein powder
-toast with avo and hard boiled egg
-protein smoothie with fruit
-Greek yogurt with fruit
-egg cups you make beforehand (eggs in muffin tins with veggies, cook and freeze)
-Greek yogurt with protein powder stirred in

These are super easy and super fast. You’ll feel better and satiated for much longer with these. Just remember: protein, carbs and fats is what you want in your breakfast. Get creative, try new recipes, or stick with what I’ve hit ya with!

Either way, please, please, don’t fall back into the lies that cereal is your best breakfast food. 



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